We are a volunteer-based organization established to support WCS teaching goals, build a strong congenial Chinese community, and enrich and encourage WCS students’ Chinese culture exposure.

We would strongly encourage more passionate parents to join us as volunteers to help us thrive in our Chinese community and culture! Come find us at the front desk on Sundays or email Ting Cheng with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!


Current Officers:

President Ting Cheng
Vice President Wenping Jin
Co-Treasurers Ada Zhong, Xiao Hu
Bake Sale Committee Chair Yan Zhang
CNY Celebration Committee Chair Need new volunteer!!
Fund-raising Committee Chairs Wenping Jin, Susan Xu
BBQ Committee Chairs Jenny, Landye Olivier
Incentive Committee Chair David Fox
Teacher Representatives Rumei Dong, Shana Wang


Sign up as classroom parents:

As the new school starts, we need volunteers as room parents for each MLP and bilingual Chinese class. The responsibilities for the class parents are similar as extracurricular class coordinators who serve as communication bridges between teachers and students. Please click this link to see the detail and sign up.


Sign up as class coordinator:

As the expansion of our Extracurricular classes/activities, we need volunteers as class coordinators for some new classes to function as a bridge between teachers and students’/families and to enhance bidirectional communications. Please click this link to see the detail and sign up.