Language Courses

Chinese for Non-native Mandarin Speaking Families

Through fun activities, songs, poems, and simple readings, these courses will introduce Chinese characters and familiarize students with spoken Chinese. Students will learn simple words and phrases and will develop the skills to use these words and engage in limited conversations.

Bilingual Level Kindergarten – Fun Chinese Language activities
Bilingual Level 1 (B1)
Bilingual Level 2 (B2)
Bilingual Level 3 (B3)
Bilingual Level 4 (B4)
Bilingual Level 5 (B5)
Bilingual Level 6 (B6)
Bilingual Level 7 (B7)
Bilingual Level 8 (B8)
Bilingual Adult Chinese

Chinese for Native Mandarin Speaking Families

Text Book: Ma Li Ping (MLP) Curriculum 马立平中文教材. These courses aim to enhance students’ comprehension of written and spoken Chinese. Students will be introduced to the Chinese phonetic system, Pin Yin, and will practice with more difficult reading passages. In addition, students will learn different aspects of Chinese culture and tradition through discussion of holidays, customs, etc. in each class.

Chinese Level Pre-K – Fun Chinese Language activities
Chinese Level K – MLP
Chinese Level 1 – MLP
Chinese Level 2 – MLP
Chinese Level 3 – MLP
Chinese Level 4 – MLP
Chinese Level 5 – MLP
Chinese Level 6 – MLP
Chinese Level 7 – MLP
Chinese Level 8 – MLP
Chinese Level 9 – MLP