2017-2018 WCS Weekly Newsletter 19

REMINDER:  3/11 – Turn your clocks ahead for Day Time Savings Time

Speech Contest

2018年新英格兰中文学校协会将于4/07/18举行演讲比赛。请老师们鼓励家长们积极用以下 Google Doc 报名。

Open registration for NEACS speech competition

1. NEACS Speech Contest will be held on 4/7/2018 at 90 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands, MA 02461.
2. 3 Age groups: 6-8yr, 9-12yr, 13-18yr, and bilingual (6-18yr).
3. Every age group limit to 5 candidates (except bilingual – no limit) to attend NEACS Speech Contest. If there are more than 5 students interested per age group, WCS staff and teachers will hold an audition on 3/18 and recommend 5 students per age group. Bilingual group and groups with less than 5 students do not need to go through the audition process.
4. Official NEACS registration form will be published after 3/18.



Coming Soon

3/18 – Facial Skincare and Makeup by Shiseido Cosmetics

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