2017-2018 WCS Weekly Newsletter 17

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2/18 – Chinese New Year

2/25 – February Vacation


新税改讲座通知 (英语讲座)
一年一度的报税季节又到了,为了帮助大家更准确更快的了解2017年报税知识和新的税法对您个人,家庭或公司的短期和长期影响,威斯伍中文学校家长会有幸特邀Financial and Tax Service Company (FAS) ,一个有40年从业历史的会计师事务所创办人谢自强先生来我校提供免费英文讲座。在讲座上,谢先生将回答大家关心的各种税务问题和咨询。感谢大家的关注和支持!
主讲人:  Mr. Ken Der, CPA, CFP
                谢自强 先生, 注册会计师,注册财务规划师
时间:      2月11日 10:30am – 12pm
地点:      Westwood 中文学校 教室 A119
Seminar Topic: New Tax Law Update (English Seminar)
The tax season is here, WSC PTO is pleased to invite Mr. Ken Der, CPA, CFP to present the new tax law updates.  Mr. Ken has been the owner of Financial and Accounting Services Corporation (FAS) which provides consulting, tax planning and preparation for individuals and corporations for 40 years. During the seminar, Mr. Der will guide you through the new tax law provisions and discuss the ramifications to you, your family and business.  Please join us and thank you very much for your support!
Time:        2/11/2018, from 10:30am -12pm
Location:  WCS class room A119


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