2017-2018 WCS Weekly Newsletter 14

Storytelling Contest

Each student is encouraged to participate in his or her class

Parents are encouraged to stay for the presentations, root for your child, and judge

NOTE!  The bell will NOT be rung for recess as this will interrupt the contest.  Students may NOT run or yell in the halls this Sunday


Topic:  Stimulate Children’s Interest to Learn Chinese

WCS PTO邀请到了中文学校的许文俐老师和她的女儿顾嘉华Cindy Gu与大家一起交流怎样激发孩子学习中文兴趣的心得。

Presenters:  Hear from our experienced teacher Wenli Xu and her daughter Cindy Gu

Time: 10:30 – 12:00

Room: A119

For more details:  Stimulate Children’s Interest to Learn Chinese 011417

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