2017-2018 WCS Weekly Newsletter 11

School Closing Notification

Please check the WCS website, www.westwoodcs.org, for any school closing notices.  We work with Westwood School Administration to determine the accessibility of the high school on Sunday mornings in order to make an informed decision.  We try to update the website between 7:30 – 7:45 AM.


Computer Science Education Classes for Young Students.  They will be on site this Sun. to simulate a real class.  Students must bring a laptop and a headset with microphone to attend.  Space is limited. Email amyxu.us@yahoo.com if interested.

Place: A115

Time:  10:30 and 11:30

Format: Mini class, 30 mins, followed by Q&A with parents and students

English Book Sale

Dear WCS parents and friends,

In order to promote American culture and cultivate a love of reading English literature and poems, we will schedule ‘English Book Sale’ on December 10th, 2017.  Please donate your English books suitable for all ages below college level at the front desk. The sales will be from 9:15 am-11:30am.  All the books will be priced very low, from 25 cents to one dollar.  Please be motivated to donate your English books and buy some too for your little readers.

We sincerely appreciate your great support to help build a stronger community through fundraising events.  If you have ideas, feedback or comments, please don’t hesitate to share with us.  You are always welcome to support us by volunteering for our events.

Kindest Regards,


 亲爱的WCS 家长和朋友们,











Mark your Calendars

No school, 12/24 and 12/31



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