2017-2018 WCS Weekly Newsletter 2


Welcome Christopher Janson, our new chorus teacher.  Try out his class this Sunday at 10:30 or 11:30!

Hi! My name is Chris Janson, and I will be taking over the chorus class at Westwood Chinese School this fall. I’m excited for my students to have an opportunity to partake in the joy of music making. My class will provide a space for my students to reinforce their language skills and cultural knowledge by engaging with popular songs and children’s music.
I am a first-year masters student at Boston Conservatory. I graduated from Williams College in 2016, majoring in Asian Studies. I have studied Chinese for four years, and in 2016 participated in the State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship, attaining an advanced certification from Dalian University of Technology.
大家好!我是章克群,英文名字是Chris。 我这个学期当威斯伍中文学校儿童合唱团的领导。 我希望我的学生会接触到音乐的快乐。 我们会一起唱一些儿童和流行的歌曲,让小朋友们练习中文。
我是波士顿音乐学院一年级的研究生。 我2016年从威廉姆斯学院毕业了,专业是亚洲研究。 我学中文学了4年了,2016年参加了国务院“关键语言奖学金” 的项目,得到了“中文高级能力”的资格。



If you have not purchased or you are waiting for books, please bring in check(s) this Sunday to purchase the books.  In general books range in price from $20 – $55+.  There are no books for the Bilingual kindergarten and MLP Pre-K classes.

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