Welcome to Westwood Chinese School 2017-2018!


Hope you enjoyed a nice summer!

Chinese School is starting this Sun., 9/10.  Language classes run from 9:00 – 10:30, extracurricular session 1 is 10:30 – 11:30 and extracurricular session 2 is 11:30 – 12:30.


Our school is located at Westwood High School, 200 Nathan St., Westwood.  The entrance is in the back across from the parking lot.  Enter the premises via the driveway where the track and fields are on your left.  Our entrance is the big one after the auditorium entrance.


The grid below lists the rooms and other locations of your classes.  This gird may be subject to change.

Class Name Teacher Classroom Books
AP Chinese Guo-Ying Yan A147
Bilingual Level 1 Guo-Ying Yan A147 $20
Bilingual Level 2 Margaret Zai A145 $20
Bilingual Level 3 and Level 4 May Hon A143 Self purchase – Info available in class
Bilingual Level 6, Level 7, and Adult Ying Ling Hsu A141 Self purchase – Info available in class
Bilingual Kindergarten Vicki Ni A149
Chinese Calligraphy 1130 Michelle Yu A108
Chorus 1030 Chorus Rm
Computer Programming Jack Tseng A119
Chinese Culture Study group (Middle School) Wenli Xu A111
Dance for Beginner Shan Wang Hallway by A149
Adult Dance Sunday Clare Lee
Youth Dance Friday Clare Lee
Youth Dance Monday Clare Lee
Youth Dance Friday Clare Lee
Drawing for Beginner Michelle Yu A108
Drumming Thursday
English Writing Elementary School Sean Allan A105
English Writing Middle School Sean Allan A105
Martial Arts 1030 Todd Livingstone Cafeteria Hallway
Martial Arts 1130 Todd Livingstone Cafeteria Hallway
Grade 5 and Grade 6 Math Yongqin Hui A121
Grade 7 and Grade 8 Math Melissa Huang A113
MLP-Kindergarten Wenli Xu A111 $50
MLP Level 1A Shan Wang A113 $55
MLP Level 1B Sabrina Lee A115 $55
MLP Level 2 Jiwen Chen A117 $55
MLP Level 3 Catherine Qiu A119 $55
MLP Level 4 Xiaoyan Ni A121 $55
MLP Level 5 Rumei Dong A105 $55
MLP Level 6 Xin Li A103 $55
MLP Level 7 LiLi A139 $55
MLP Level 8 Kevin Liu A114 $55
MLP Level 9 Jie Ping Li A127 $55
Creative Arts Beginner (Grade 3+) Sam Valentino A103
Creative Arts (Learn from masters painting) Sam Valentino A103
Pre-Kindergarten Michelle Yu A108
Ping Pong 1030 Henry Hu Guidance Hallway
Ping Pong 1130 Henry Hu Guidance Hallway
Ping Pong Adult Henry Hu Guidance Hallway
Adult Sketching 900 李有恩 A144
Adult Sketching 1030 李有恩 A144
Tai Chi Zhantao Lin Library
Yoga Li Xu Auditorium Hallway
Yo-Yo 1030 Michael Chen Hallway by A121
Yo-Yo 1130 Michael Chen Hallway by A121
Zumba Li Xu Auditorium Hallway


Books for the language classes will be available for sale in the classrooms.  Please bring check(s) to purchase them.  A separate check is needed for each language class your child(ren) is enrolled.  Books will be sold as a priority to students who have registered for the class. We will not accept returned books which are not sealed wrapped.  There are no books for the Bilingual kindergarten and MLP Pre-K classes.


Chinese baked goods will be on sale each Sunday.  Please support this sale as it is a fundraiser for our students.

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